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It’s Earth, our earth, almost as we know it. The only difference is the slow emergence of Powers. These are people who possess abilities beyond those of normal humans. The prevailing theory is that throughout history, these abilities have manifested in cycles of hundreds of years every millenia or two. The last prolific cycle of Powers occurred during the Greek and Roman eras. The theory postulates that the various Gods of the time were Powers with incredible levels of ability, while the Heroes and Demigods of the time were lesser ranked Powers.

Throughout history, exceptional individuals may have been anomalous manifestations of Powers between the up and down cycles. Recent research has shown residue of possible activated Power in the remains of Einstein’s brain, for example. There is evidence that Hitler may have been not just the evil, charismatic leader of a beaten-down nation, in fact, he may have possessed the Power to enthrall others. George Washington’s remains show probable evidence that he may have in fact been shot many times in battle, but regenerated the wounds before they could adversely affect the morale of his troops.

With the advent of the Information Age and the New Millenium, it seems the cycle has swung upwards again. Fourteen people in the 5 year period from 2010 to 2015 have either been proven Powers, come out directly as Powers, or otherwise revealed. In some cases, tragedy followed in their wake, such as the 10 year old child in Iraq who manifested a Powered plague that killed all life within a half-mile of his home, prompting a fearful government to end the menace with a sniper’s kiss. Other cases have become near-celebrities, such as the artist known as Brick who mentally reshapes raw stone into perfect statuary.

The darkest side though, is the attempted use of these Powers by governments and militaries. Luckily for us, there are still very few Powers and none have manifested in a manner or time that would allow for their indoctrination into these institutions, though some governments have attempted to coerce, cajole, bribe, or otherwise force the matter. There are several thoughts on why this hasn’t happened as yet, ranging from the conspiracy answer “of course it has, we just don’t know about it!” to the religious answer “God would never allow his gifts to be used in such a manner!” to the scientific theory that with these genetic changes comes an instinct to remain free.

Whatever it is, we can only hope it continues, as the frightening Power of someone who can shoot fireballs from his eyes or bolts of lightning from his posterior in the hands of politicians is as sobering a thought as any.

Home Page

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