Telekinetic Supreme




Abandoned as a toddler, young KC Morgan grew up bounced around foster homes all over the country, adopted and abandoned over and over again, finally, she filed for emancipation and won. Her keen intellect served her well in the year since her case was heard.

Working as an apprentice to a private eye, she also took several telecommuting jobs in the programming sector. Ms. Morgan landed in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, on the shore.

LeFay manifested her Power while on assignment during a Hurricane. Too stubborn to leave, she became trapped under a collapsed building. With no one to help, she was once again abandoned…again left behind…again alone. With a primal scream she lifted the building off of her, pulled a protective shell of pure will around her, and freed herself. With the hurricane in full force, she reached out to grab at something, anything to steady herself, and fell through the fabric of space-time, waking up on a California beach near one of her foster homes. She has since refined her Power, learning to pull languages from the minds of others and even connect to electronics and machines.


Earth: Kappa-2-9 Karynna