Curtis Harrington

Object Mimic and Blaster




Good ol’boy from the farmlands, Curtis graduated with good grades but no prospects. An Eagle Scout at 18, he joined the Army and learned what he could in 2 years, but when Mama got sick, had to leave to take care of her. Took a job as a janitor at the new pharmaceutical lab outside town, got along with everyone. Made enough to take care of his mom, buy a really nice truck, even help out the kids’ basketball team a bit.

Things change though. Was it an experiment by the Army, they said it was just innoculations in those needles. Was it something he cleaned up at work? Was it sunspots? He doesn’t even know. Neither does the driver of the semi, but he hasn’t woken up yet in the hospital after hitting Curtis. Late night, changing the tire of his pickup, a semi-driver fell asleep at the wheel. Instinct kicked in and suddenly the semi was hitting a block of solid, tire-iron steel. As tough as the tire-iron made him, the damage to his truck and pain of the strike caused Curtis to lash out with a blast of pure plasma from his palms.

Since then he’s learned to better control his powers, refining them. Demolishing things.

Curtis Harrington

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