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Welcome to Earth: Kappa-2-9, a Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition campaign world.

You’ve been contacted via strange letter, delivered on a Sunday by a uniformed postal worker. No words were spoken and the moment you took your eyes off him, he was gone.

The letter, hand-written in smoothly flowing calligraphy, is addressed to you directly, with today’s date on it.

“I know who you are, I know what you can do, I know others like you. I’ll not speak of Destiny, nor of Divinity, nor of Power, I’ll just say that the world will be better off with people like us in it, dependent upon our working together to make it so. In your hands you hold an invitation the likes of which has not been seen on this Earth for over two millenia. If you would join us, be at the location listed below in one week, to the minute. -AE”

Oddly, no one else is able to read this, to them it appears to be a folded paper with a caricature doodle of several famous people wearing tutus in various artistic poses…Putin as “The Thinker,” Donald Trump as “David,” and so on.

The address is a farmhouse just north of Lebanon, Kansas.



Main Page

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