Veiled Reaper

Humanoid Metamorph




The Veiled Reaper, aka (Jon), lived and grew up in Northern Virginia. Near DC, he saw a lot of things as he matured quickly. Left home as soon as he graduated he went to Baltimore taking a job as a translator. During a deal at the Harbor between his boss and some gentlemen of Middle Eastern ethnicity, things went bad and someone opened fire.

A container of chemicals was hit in the hail of wild gunfire, the same container that Jon dove behind moments earlier. When the smoke cleared from the explosion, everyone was dead… including Jon.

He awakened a week later, buried in his own grave. Panicked, he wildly clawed at the lid, his body responded by giving him the claws of a badger. Within moments he had dug his way out. Wishing not to be see, he took on the blending abilities of a chameleon, as his body healed itself fully. Within an hour, he was fully ready for anything. He realized quickly that he could be anyone, look like anything, as long as he was basically human-shaped. New body parts were possible now, gills, claws, wings, tough hide, etc.

Within a month, he’d made a name for himself, the Veiled Reaper. He went after criminals, violent people, and took their money to use.

Veiled Reaper

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